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How to create a calm down kit

How to create a calm down kit

Why do you need to create a CD kit?

A calm down kit can change your school life and help you regulate your emotions efficiently. It is a kit full of visuals and tools to help you or children in general cope with your or their emotions in a positive and safe manner. They are also known as sensory integration boxes or tool-kits. Every calm down kit can look a little different depending on your needs. It is important to tailor it to yourself, taking into account your ages, your likes, and your sensory needs. (Total Spectrum Care)

How to create a CD Kit?

The kit will contain coping tools and sensory items to help lower levels of stress, anxiety and agitation. Self-regulation is your ability to adjust and control your energy level, emotions, behaviors and
attention. Sensory tools can support you to calm down by helping them to engage in calming and
relaxing activities that are visual and hands on in nature.

What to include in your CD kit?

Before talking about the different items you can add into your Calm Down Kit, let us precise that using your kit will need practice. It can be very awkward or useless to you at the beginning but with practice and consistency, you will see the impact it can have on your life and your emotion regulation.

Cards for calm

Ideal for students who can read independently, the Cards for Calm game doesn’t just distract your students; the cards actually teach them how to practice mindfulness and manage any stress, anxiety, and negative thinking. It can be played with multiple students or as a single-player game.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Sometimes calming down isn’t about doing something to calm down; sometimes it’s about not doing. If a student is feeling stressed and overwhelmed, these noise-canceling headphones can provide a quiet sanctuary in the middle of a busy classroom.

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