Mental Health Senegal
Our actions

Our actions

What we do

Mental health has always been stigmatized in our society. In collaboration with psychologists, professionals, parents, schools and the government, we can change the way mental health issues are being dealt with in our country.

We elaborate plans, strategies and training programs to create healthy, safe and supportive learning environnement for all students.


  • Change how mental disorders are being perceived in Africa
  • Make mental health care available for all children and adolescents in school
  • Stop the stigmatization .


Mental health does not have a race.

In a near future, children and adolescents in Senegal will have healthy and enjoyable learning experiences. They will have fulfilling lives and will build nourishing relationships. They will become that generation that will understand the importance of mental well-being and do whatever necessary to take care of their mental health.

Our approach

Train & Educate

With the expertise of our collaborators, Shift Education offers trainings to educators about mental disorders in order to equip them with basic informations about depression, anxiety and stress but also how to deal and react with a student who is showing certain visible symptoms of depression. Through awareness campaigns, we educate children about mental wellbeing and the consequences of bullying


Shift Education is not a psychological agency. We need professionals to do the training sessions and we need their assistance to run efficient awareness campaigns. We collaborate with students, professionals and teachers in psychology to give the trainings and to support us during our awareness campaigns.

Build strong network

Networking and partnerships are crucial tools for nonprofit organizations. Shift education builds its network to open rooms for new financial opportunities, partnerships and for more visibility. In order to provide more assistance, trainings and awareness, we affiliate with organizations and companies which have the same goals as us.

Provide support

Shift Education provides all the necessary ressources to students and to educators in needs of mental health care so they can receive the right assistance.

Offer counseling

We recruit graduate students in psychology and offer to them a fully remunerate one year counseling job in Shift Education. They get together with educators, parents and other staff members to create healthy, safe and supportive learning environnement for all students.

Create a community

Finding people to connect with is crucial for people’s mental health. We create a shift community through ambassadorship and clubs in schools. Students who genuinely care about their mental well-being and the mental health of their mates get together to support and lift each other through fun activities and connections.